How SMS Marketing strategies function between marketers and consumers.

Nowadays, SMS marketing strategies has become one of the favourite tools for marketers to promote their products or services. In fact, there is a lot more that can be done by using SMS texts, such as appointment reminders, internal alerts, greetings and so on. The fact is, SMS marketing strategies plays important function between marketers and consumers as it brings significant benefits for both marketers such as companies or organizations and consumers. So, how does SMS marketing strategies function between marketers and consumers?

High Reachability

SMS messages can easily reach large populations in the world compared to email and other marketing tools. This is because SMS can be delivered to a huge coverage area. There is about two third of the world population owns a mobile phone and the number is increasing day by day. Therefore, it is convenient for SMS to reach to huge number of populations around the world. Moreover, you can drive more traffic to the website of your companies or organizations by insert the link in the SMS. With the convenience to reach large populations in the world, marketers can deliver their message no matter for marketing, customer service or other purposes.

High Open Rate and Respond Rate

SMS messages has much higher open rate and respond rate compared to other marketing tools. Let’s compare SMS message with email for marketing purpose. SMS message has 98% open rate by the receivers, about 90% of the SMS messages are read within 3 minutes and about 45% of the consumers that receive SMS messages respond to it. Email on the other hand only has about 28% to 33% of open rate and only 6% of response rate. Hence, SMS messages is preferred by marketers as one of their main marketing strategies because knowing that about 70% of your message being ignored or deleted is awful!

High Effective Customer Service

As stated by Theodore Roosevelt, former president of United States, “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”, customer service is important to show how much you care about your customers by trying your best to assist them. In this case, SMS plays its role by sending simple survey to collect customers’ feedback. Once marketers receive the feedbacks from customers, they get to understand more on their customers’ needs and this helps to provide better services to their customers and improve their business revenue.


SMS marketing strategy benefits the consumers when there is interaction between marketers and consumers. It allows customers to solve their problem with the companies or organizations through texting and most people are more likely to text instead of call or use another alternative when it comes to customer service.

Relevance of the content

SMS marketing strategy creates positive outcome between marketers and consumers in the relevance of message contents. This is because when companies or organizations that plan to use SMS as their marketing strategy, they tend to start it with targeting the customers or consumers based on their behavior and demographics. Personalization of the text messages also avoid consumers who receive the message perceiving it as spam. As a result, customers are more likely to receive the SMS messages that provide useful information and improve the conversion rate.

Convenient for Consumers

Customers are easier to receive a marketing SMS message with the latest campaigns or updates compared to receiving the information from an email. This is because a customer has no trouble to receive a SMS message even if he/she does not have the access to Wi-Fi or data plan. Instead, the customer might miss his/her chance to receive the latest campaigns or updates just because email can only be received when there is internet access. Moreover, customers tend to be happier when they receive marketing SMS texts compared to any other alternatives as SMS text is informative, short and simple!

In short, SMS marketing strategies is like a bridge that connect marketers and consumers. Looking at current situation, more and more people possess mobile phone and the number doesn’t seems to go down. Therefore, companies that wish to optimize their business productivity or organizations that wish to smoothen their organizations activities should start to invest in SMS marketing strategy and you will happy to see the increasing of ROI!