Why Your SMS Is Not Being Delivered?

When you have topped up your account, planning to run a global SMS program to promote your products or services, you must aware that there is one issue that might upset you. It is the failure to deliver your marketing SMS to your target customers and that might be one of the worst nightmares for every bulk SMS service user. Here are the four reasons why your SMS is not being delivered and avoiding these might help to increase your message delivery rate.

• Content Filtering

Telco will filter the content of your message when you are sending your marketing SMS in bulk or also known as Application-to-person (A2P). This action might be slightly different in certain country such as China, where the government is acting stricter on the information that received by their citizens. Hence, Telco can block the messages that contain keywords with spam or scam elements but it also depends on recipient’s individual Telco.

• Porting of Phone Number

The service to port our phone number was introduced in 2013. It allows us to change our mobile network provider while maintaining the same mobile number. However, the downside of this service is it will affect the availability of a ported phone number to receive messages especially from A2P. This is because the network provider and Network Color Code (NCC) do not have an updated database for ported phone number.

• Incorrect / Invalid Phone Number

The status of a phone number is also the main factor that causes the delivery of messages by bulk SMS service users. Sometimes, bulk SMS service users unknowingly enter incorrect or incomplete phone number in their contact list and ended up decrease the delivery rate of their marketing messages. Therefore, reconfirm the list of phone numbers before you send out bulk SMS is important to increase your delivery rate.

• Phone number in Roaming Status

When the recipient is not in the network coverage, his/her mobile phone will turn to roaming status. Therefore, when the phone number is not in a network coverage area for a long time, the chances for the recipient to receive SMS messages will decrease undoubtedly.

In short, before sending out you marketing SMS messages in bulk, always check through your content and contact list in order to increase the delivery rate. You may check the delivery report as well after sending out the messages and seek for help from your bulk SMS service provider if you face any difficulties.