5 Important Things to Know When Running A Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS marketing campaign is one of the most effective ways to promote your products or services. Why is it so? Here’s why - 90% of all SMS text messages are read within 3 minutes, 98% of text messages are read compare to emails, Tweet, Facebook posts and others while a person look averagely 150 times to his/her phone per day. However, there’s few important things that you should look into to ensure your SMS marketing campaign run smoothly and successfully.

1. Content of SMS

The content of your SMS will decide the results of your marketing campaign. Therefore, marketers must use the attractive or powerful words and straight to the call to action points to encourage potential customers to take the right actions. However, marketers must also be aware that text messages with the contents that is offensive to public order, moral, religious, political grounds and contains fraudulent or scamming element is strictly prohibited.

2. Contact List

Contact list is one of the most important elements for your SMS marketing campaign. Always ensure that you have include the country code in your contact list. Country code is a must regardless of the recipients are staying in your country or foreign countries. This is because most of the system including Qmessaging system only recognized the contact list with country code. Marketers should also make sure that they have put in the correct and valid phone number for every recipient that they wish to target. To add, please ensure that you have organize or update your contact database from time to time to ensure that you’re targeting on the right recipient’s.

3. Account Balance

Another thing that should be take note by marketers when running a SMS marketing campaign is your account balance. Before running a SMS marketing campaign especially campaign which involves high volume of sending, you should make sure that you have sufficient balance or SMS credits in your account. Meanwhile, you should also take note of the recipients’ country as some provider will have different pricing for different countries. This is because the insufficient balance of your account will cause some of your text messages not being sent out by the system. Please do ensure to contact your bulk SMS gateway service provider for advice and the pricing from time to time.

4. Number of Characters

A standard SMS text message is only limited to 160 characters. Meanwhile, SMS content with Unique characters or also known as Unicode such as Japanese/Korean/Mandarin characters, emoji and so on is only limited to 70 characters. Thus, marketers who wish to use SMS text messages to promote their products or services should pay close attention to the number of characters length. Content that exceeded standard SMS characters length will start to be charged from 2 SMS count and it’s depended on the number of characters that exceeded for the final SMS credits charges from the account and to ensure that the account SMS credit balance is sufficient.

5. Rules and Regulations

Each country has its own set of rules and regulations to ensure and avoid that marketers from misusing bulk SMS marketing for their business campaign. For instance, in United States, there is Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) that stated marketers must first obtain the consent from customers before send them marketing messages, marketers must identify themselves and include their contact information in the messages. Besides that, marketers should fully understand the rules and regulations of each country they plan to target when running a SMS marketing campaign.