3 Ways Hotels & Resorts Can Benefit from Using Bulk SMS Marketing

In this modern world where information spread rapidly through social media and people becomes more open with culture and tourism has benefited many countries with many aspects. Most countries nowadays have become more tourists friendly and welcomes tourists to visit their country. The main reason behind this is because tourism industry helps to increase the income or revenue of a country.
Based on the statistics provided by World Travel & Tourism Council, the travel and tourism industry has contributed 10.4% of global GDP and 313 million jobs, or 9.9% of total employment in 2017. Therefore, apart from promoting on famous and top tourist attractions, hotels and resorts should be emphasized as well with the usage of bulk SMS marketing system to promote and attracts more tourists.
Hotels and resorts play an important part in travel and tourism industry as well because a comfortable and unique design hotel or resort plays a crucial role in attracting more tourist to the destinations places. For that reason, if the marketing efforts and service of a hotel or resort is not satisfying, having comfortable, cozy and fancy suites alone will not help to attract more tourists to come and stays.
Here are 3 ways on how hotels & resorts owners can use SMS to enhance their business:

1. Promote Hotels & Resorts Business Via SMS

Advertise your hotels or resorts through online, television or newspaper is definitely not enough. Why is it so? Because not everyone will check on their email all the time, not everyone will have time to watch television or to read newspaper. SMS on the other hand has better results because 90% of SMS text messages are read within 3 minutes and 98% or text messages are read compared to emails, tweet, and so on. Therefore, include the main selling point of hotels or resorts and include the hotels or resorts’ website URL link can definitely help to increase the traffic to the website.

2. Send Notifications, Reminder, Discount SMS

Hotels and resorts can use SMS API Gateway to send booking details for the tourists who made booking. Besides that, reminder SMS can also be sent to the customers who made booking, to remind them their booking with the hotels or resorts, the correct check in time and check out time. Hotels and resorts owner also can use SMS to send voucher or promo code to the customers, to encourage them to choose the hotels or resorts again as their accommodation.

3. Collect Feedback From Customers

Feedbacks from the customers are important to improve the quality of a hotel or resort. Hotels and resorts can use SMS to send out text messages to customers that are already checked out, ask them to rate their accommodation and to provide comments. Not only customers will feel valued by the hotels or resorts, but it is also a time and energy efficient way to perform customer service for hotels and resorts’ staffs.
The truth is, not only hospitality industry can benefits from using SMS, but other industry like property, retails and so on can also use SMS to enhance their business performance. For more details, please visit www.qmessaging.com. Sign up now for free!