4 Reasons to Use Bulk SMS For Marketing

It’s undeniable that your business needs good marketing strategies for successful business development. There are many ways to do marketing for your products or services. You can distribute flyers on the street, advertise through television and others. But, do you know there is 1 simple yet effective method that you can apply for marketing? It’s known as online bulk SMS. Here are the 4 reasons why you should use online bulk SMS for your business marketing.

• Instant Reach to over 200 Countries Worldwide

Your SMS can instantly be delivered to your customers from over 200 countries globally. This allows you to reach your target customers easily, to keep them updated with your latest products and services or business activities like promotions, reminders and so on. They can even receive the SMS, even when there is no internet access as all they need is a mobile phone.

• High Open Rate

Every marketer hopes that their customers to successfully receive their marketing messages. SMS text messages can definitely help to fulfill this desire. Based on research, SMS has a higher open rate compare to other approaches. About 98% of text messages are read compared to emails, Tweet, Facebook posts and others. In fact, about 90% of SMS text messages are read within 3 minutes. Therefore, start using online bulk SMS to approach you customers now is a must.

• Cost, Energy & Time Efficient

Why spend your money, energy and time to distribute flyers on the streets? Why spend huge amount of money to advertise through television, radio or newspaper? Why spend a lot of manpower and time to set up an outdoor roadshow? Whereas, you can save your money, energy and time efficiently with online bulk SMS service that allows you to send text messages to thousands with just a click at affordable and reasonable price globally. It’s really that simple!

• Straightforward Marketing Message

One SMS text message is limited to only 160 characters. However, you can write more than 160 characters in your message but there will be extra charges. Instead of writing long text messages content, the limitation of characters in a SMS text message will cause marketers to include only summarized but important content. Therefore, you are doing a favor for your customers by saving their time to read long and tiring message.