5 SMS Marketing Tactics to Help Your Business Success.

SMS Voucher/Promotion

Attract your customer by offering them coupons or special deals through SMS texts for customer who subscribe to the SMS platform of your business. This strategy will give customer the sense of belonging as it makes customer feel valued by your company or organization. Through SMS marketing, company can offer different discounts and limited offers such as personal code that will encourage customer to have business deal with the same organization from time to time.

Interaction with Customers through SMS Survey

Collect customers opinion toward business promotion, products or services by using SMS marketing, design the question, survey or campaign that easier for customer to give opinion with simple answer such as rating with different number, agree or disagree, yes or no in term to collect large data by using cheap SMS marketing. Once the campaign finished, share out the result thought social media pages to grab customers subscription and notify them by using SMS marketing about the result.

Straightforward and Simple SMS Messages

One SMS message is limited to 160 characters including space. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your SMS message is straight to the point and includes high value of content. Avoid putting in less important information in the message. Instead, marketers should know their target customers, highlight the important details and information which allow your customers to benefit from it and you will see the positive results from it!

Use the right words

When you are writing SMS messages for marketing purpose, the words you use will immediately decide the destination of your messages either successfully reach out to your target customers or being ignored. Put in call-to-action words to drive action from your target customers. For example, you can use the phrases such as “sign up now”, “checkout our new campaign”, “visit our website” and etc. Marketers can also add in adjective such as “amazing”, “incredible” and so on to make their messages more attractive. Suitable words in SMS marketing messages will help to optimize your marketing strategy and leads for more conversion rate.

Tell Customer Who You Are

Most of the time, when customers receive unknow messages, they tend to ignore them or even delete them. The reason why unknown messages are treated as spam is because there is no specific name or identification in the messages. When customers do not know who send the messages, they are likely to overlook the content of the messages. Therefore, it is important to identify yourself while sending messages to your customer in order to achieve your targets.