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It's time things change, Qmessaging is everything you ever wish for as it consistently ready to provide you with a variety of ultimate and outstanding SMS solution functions from sending numerous bulk SMS text messages to integrating your website or software with our sophisticated system.

Not only that Qmessaging is the world easiest online SMS solutions system to use, but it also efficiently helps you to connect with your clients and business partners at the cheapest and highest delivery rates effectively. You will be amazed with what our SMS solutions can do for you and we can’t wait to see what you build!

About US

Qmessaging is the world fastest, trusted and reliable global online bulk SMS service provider that provides effective SMS blast service with high quality delivery rate for many corporations and organizations with good quality of services. We are committed to provide our customers with a worldwide network coverage in more than 200 countries with the cheapest rate they can afford to enhance their business productivity.

Our SMS gateway will definitely help you to connect you with your existing customers while helping you to expand your customer base in order to enhance your business productivity efficiently and effectively. Qmessaging aims to be your one-stop online SMS solutions provider with our experienced, accountable and reliable teams.

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Get the best lowest rate with highest quality of SMS delivery rate with no contract or commitment.

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Our customer support team is always ready to provide you great customer experiences at anytime.

Trusted, Reliable and Safe

We are fully committed to protect your privacy and we promise that your personal data is safe with us.

Why use SMS for your business

SMS is one of the most reliable forms of communication available as well as being one of the fastest and cheapest. There are many ways businesses can benefit from incorporating SMS into their communication strategy to boost productivity and enhance the value that businesses provide.

90% of all SMS text messages
are read within 3 mins.
150 Times The average person looks at
his/her phone per day.
98% of text messages are read
compare to emails, tweet,
facebook posts and others.

Global Coverage

One platform with multiple destinations at any time. We provide global scale of bulk SMS sending covering over 98% of the world’s mobile networks. Worry about the delivery rate? Don’t be, leave it to us! We are dedicated to provide you fastest bulk SMS sending with high quality of delivery rate.

SMS Solutions

Utilize our Easiest & Cheapest SMS solutions to optimize your Business

SMS Membership
Member Account Balance, Card Renewal Reminder, Member Events Notification, Newsletter.

SMS Advertisement
Promotion, Discount, New Product Launching, New Branch Opening.

SMS Reminder
Meeting / Appointment Reminder, Regular Check Up, License Renewal
Reminder, Birthday Reminder.

SMS Notification
Announcement, Product/Company News Update, Company Information's Change Notification.

SMS Coupon
Product Discount Voucher, Reward Coupon, Rebate Code.

SMS Report
Test/Exam Result, Health Report, Acknowledge Report Day Notification.

SMS Greeting
Birthday Greeting, Festival Greeting e.g. New Year, Christmas day, Valentines day.

SMS Donations
Non-Profit Organizations/Charity Donation Ad, Organ/Blood Donation Ad.


Qmessaging platform allows you to send, receive, track and analyse your text messaging campaigns.

Send SMS Online
Send individual messages or large-scale text
marketing campaigns from our Qmessaging

Schedule SMS text messages in advance.
You can review your entire schedule and
make instant updates.

Contact Management
Use Qmessaging platform to organise your
data. Keep your database up to date with
unlimited groups and contact control.

Delivery Reporting
Provide real time status of your SMS text
messages which have been successfully
delivered and those which have failed.

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